johnny smashmouth


Johnny Smashmouth   Originally a figment of John's imagination, Johnny Smashmouth came into being on the courts in Rahway River Park.  Art was beating John so bad, John remembered he plays better mad sometimes, so he drew my face on a pickleball, and there I was!  Now I'm looking to play on tour also, and become somewhat of a pickleball celebrity.  I'm already on a t-shirt, and will soon have a line of pickleball gear.  I'm also in contract talks to have my own talk show on Cable TV.  Oh, and by the way...I am NOT a dinker!  I don't like to dink, I like to smash!  So if you are a dinker, get that paddle UP to defend against my SMASHING winners!  I don't need no stinkin' dinks!  Subscribe to our website, and watch ALL of our youtube videos, if you don't want me to smash a game winner against you!!

Sin City Singles Action

Arthur Warick  Originally from Fords, NJ, now residing in Florence, AZ (with a couple of stops along the way in the Bronx, and Carmel, NY). Always involved in one sport or another, his love for racquet sports date back to the early 1970's. He was an avid ping pong player, eventually winning the Middlesex County College championship!   He also became a strong tennis player and racquetball player in the mid 70's.  In early 2016 he was introduced to Pickleball while out bike riding. Hearing the clickety-clack of a nearby popcorn war, he wandered over and said, "What in the world is this?!" The rest is history! Entered his 1st tourney recently, placing 1st in mixed doubles, but is really intent on proving himself in the singles game. Self-rated as a 3.5-4.0 player. Thinks there is so much growth possible in this fun, addictive game, and wants to be part of its growth!


John Silvestri  Never really played any organized sports at all, but loves to compete.   Used to play pickup football and basketball games, and bungee jump for adrenaline.  Also won the pool championship at Middlesex County College.  Heard about a guy who won the ping pong tournament there, but they never actually met until they were on opposite sides of a foosball table!  It was a lifelong friendship in the making.  They started to play foosball and racquetball together which seems like just a couple years ago.  Amazingly, it's been over 30 years!!  John promoted foosball full-time at one point, as Mr. Foosball, running leagues and tournaments as large as the $10,000 N.J. Open.  Introduced to pickleball visiting Art in AZ in April of 2016 and was hooked immediately!  Played about 7 or 8 times last year when Art came to NJ to visit.  Having since found a couple of places to play near Edison, NJ where he lives, he is looking to improve as a player and have fun! Like Art, he thinks the growth potential for pickleball is enormous.  Not only looking to get into tournaments, but wants to promote also!

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