The action at Pebble Creek was fast and furious during the event’s first day.  For starters, Art Warick, local pickleball expert toured the site and gave it a 5-star, thumbs up rating.  Not easily impressed, Art was overcome with emotion as he saw the four sunken courts in the pit area, and dreamed of one day being center stage in singles.  His opponent would be none other than John Silvestri, the NJ Affiliate.  Art would thoroughly demoralize John during the finals on court one, as ESPN cameras caught all the action. Beating him 15 games in a row, Art avenged his 1 game deficit from their lifelong racquetball battle.  The tally so far is 12,451 games to 12,450, John.

Art then made his way through the numerous stands, featuring food, apparel, and gear.  As usual, Art conversed easily with strangers, as if they had been friends for years.  The undercover operation led to a wealth of information that will help get to the next level.

Cindy smashes one for a point!

Jose tries a little body english, but it was no help!

A hard smash gets past Jim!

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